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Welcome to Type1 Photography, which is really me, Neil.


If you choose me to be part of your day, not only will I create beautiful images of you,   I will record the emotion, the feeling, the goosebumps, the butterflies, the tears.  I want your images to be something you will look back on in 5, 10, 20 years time and be able to feel how you did on that day.  I want your children and grandchildren to discover your album in years to come and to sit down with you to hear the story behind every picture.  I want them to feel the excitement, happiness and love that you created on that day.

I don't want to direct you to put the shoes here, look this way, look that way.  I want you to remember it because that's the way it happened, that's the way you felt.

I like to use a more traditional style for the group shots that most Brides and Grooms want but, also a relaxed, contemporary almost documentary style to record all of the other non scripted parts of your day that would otherwise slip by unnoticed.

I also want to take time with you as a couple for half an hour or so on the day to create some stunning portraits that you will want to have hanging on your wall at home.

I prefer to use natural light over flash wherever possible as it gives the images a much more romantic and well, natural look.  That being said, I will never sacrifice taking a photo just because my ego doesn't think it will look good on my website, it's about you not my portfolio. I am based near Sheffield and cover weddings across the whole of the UK.  I also like planes, trains and automobiles. If you want me to cross water to be at your wedding, you can be sure I will do all I can to make it happen.

About me...

I am married to a fantastic woman called Rebecca, we have 4 children,  2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit and a load of fish.  As you can probably tell, I am used to managing day to day chaos and getting things done.  

Some photographers will tell you all about the exact moment they picked up a camera and how they knew that they were destined to be a wedding photographer.  Me?  My first camera was probably a Fisher Price one that I chewed, threw around and destroyed.  I wanted to be a jet pilot or a fireman or a racing driver.  I always loved my photography but life took over and with sensible (?) careers advice I went to University and then via a job in finance,  a  job in IT.  I felt like a caged animal.  I needed to get out.  That's when I decided to do something that I really loved and turned my passion for photography into my life.  

That being said, I could have set a studio up and done portraits, corporate product shoots, school photos but none of that compares to the thrill, excitement and absolute joy that photographing weddings bring me.  Each one is different.  I really look forward to meeting new couples and hearing about the where, when and why, not just of the wedding day but how you met and what your story is.  

If you are still here after all that, take a look at my client galleries for weddings I am thrilled to say I was a part of and get in touch for a chat..

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