Questions that I frequently get asked..

Wedding Photographer Questions

Planning a wedding can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you will ever do, however it can also be one of the most frustrating and rage inducing…

I have created a collection of frequently asked questions from previous couples to help you out.

I don’t know anything about photography, how do I choose a photographer?
This is a really easy one. Find images you like and then chat with the photographer to make sure you get on with them – make sure it’s the actual photographer who will be there on the day and they won’t be passing it off to an ‘associate’. Out of all of the suppliers involved in your wedding day, the photographer is the only one who will be there from the start to the end so it’s important you get along. The last thing you want is to have someone around who will rub you the wrong way.

What if I hate having my photo taken?
Join the club. Unless you are a professional model, it’s rare for people to be comfortable in front of the camera. I always urge my couples to take advantage of the pre wedding shoot element of your package as it’s a great way for us to get to know each other a little better, gets you more comfortable with me taking your photo and you also get a great set of images like these.

My Mum/Nan/Auntie/Uncle want us to have group photos, is that ok?
Yes of course. Although my style is very much based around a creative approach to natural and authentic storytelling I appreciate that there are people who want a more formal set of group photos. My advice on these is to keep it brief and if possible get them done early – time always flies on the day and once people get into party mode it’s very difficult to round them up and get them to stand still. Each shot will take a minute or two to pull together and you will be stood still while it happens so try and keep to a maximum of 10-12 or you and your guests may start to get fed up.

We LOVE your work, how do we book you?
Awesome! Please get in touch via my contact form or on the phone. I would love to get to know you better so if we can Skype or meet up in person before booking, that would be great. All bookings are only finalised once I receive the 25% non-refundable deposit, along with a signed copy of my online contract.

How do you do your thing?
My style is unobtrusive. I work as hard as I can trying to document your wedding discreetly. I won’t stop any ceremonies, or tell people what to do, I just create a story to reflect your amazing wedding day. You can read what people say about how I work here.

How long after the wedding until we receive our photographs??
I aim to get them to you as quickly as possible. This is usually within 4 weeks after your wedding date but may be up to 6 weeks during peak season. I aim to get the online gallery details to you within 2 weeks.

When and how do we pay?
You can pay by direct bank transfer, Paypal or cash. Once your initial 25% deposit has been paid, the remaining balance is required 6 weeks before your wedding date. 

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How many photographs do we receive?
I typically deliver between 400 and 700 images from your wedding day depending on how long I am with you and on the nature of your celebration. I individually edit every single image from your wedding day (sometimes obsessively so!), and make sure that you receive only the highest quality of images. My goal is to tell your story as it happened. I believe in a “less is more” philosophy. I would rather give you a few hundred amazing photographs, than a couple of thousand very average ones. Quality over quantity.

Will all my photos be edited and retouched?
All of the images that I provide you are print ready, edited for contrast, sharpness and colour tones. All images that go to print in your album, canvas prints or any other print order are further edited for blemishes.

How many photographers will there be on my wedding day?
One – me. You can opt for a 2nd photographer at an additional charge. All of the 2nd photographers that I use are professionals in their own right and run their own photography businesses too.

Do you offer wedding albums?
Yes I do, the Auckland package includes a premium 30 page Bellissimo Classico album. You can also order one up to 12 months after your wedding day.

Do you back up the photo’s?
Yes! During the day and as soon as I get back to the studio. I only use pro Nikon cameras which allow me to shoot to multiple cards at the same time so even if one corrupted (a chance in a thousand) not a single image would be lost. Once I get home I back up the files onto two encrypted external hard drives and also uploaded to a cloud storage area. Once edited the process is repeated.

What is ‘copyright’ and can we print photo’s or create our own albums from our USB?
Yes, absolutely! They are your wedding photos and you can do as you wish with them. Whoever owns the copyright of a photo owns that photo and the right to do with it as they wish. As with the majority of wedding photographers in the UK, I own the copyright of the photos I take at your wedding. I then provide you with a licence for unlimited personal use. This means you can post them on social media, share them with friends and family, and get albums and prints made. The only thing you cannot do is use the photos for commercial or business use. For example if your friend owned a wedding planning business and wanted to use some of the photos I took at your wedding for their Facebook page/website/brochure, the licence wouldn’t cover this. You or they would need to contact me for a separate licence to use them for this purpose (in this example I would probably would say yes).

How long do you stay for on the wedding day?
Well that’s up to you. If you book the Auckland or Florence package then I will be there from the bridal prep and I won’t stop until the band/DJ get well into the slow songs.

We are thinking about getting married in Italy/Mexico/New Zealand, can we still book you?
Erm…YES!! I love to travel. I find destination weddings exciting and a fantastic opportunity to experience something new. Although my package costs a little more for destination weddings this is only to cover my extra travel and accommodation expenses. I don’t charge anything extra for my travel time, even if it involves a 28 hour flight – like the one in New Zealand.

Are you insured??
Yes I have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Do not book a photographer who cannot provide you proof of this as some venues will not allow them onsite without it.

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